Paddle Monkey


Package Includes:

180 qt. Paddle Monkey Automatic Stirrer

Plug it in and flip the switch for the perfect batch every time…

The Paddle Monkey makes it that easy. The Paddle Monkey self-stirrer continuously stirs your kettle corn ingredients ensuring that every batch is consistently heated and popped from start to finish.

Batch after batch the Paddle Monkey will reward you with evenly cooked corn, less old maids, higher yield per kernel, and improved sugar dispersion. And better yet, the Paddle Monkey doesn’t get tired and never complains! Treat yourself and your customers to the best with the Paddle Monkey Auto Stirrer!

*All machines are made from aluminum. There is no diamond plating used.

Dimensions Below

with lids up – Length: 37.80” width: 6” height: 14”

with lids down – Length: 37.80” width: 34.56” height: 10.68”


Paddle Monkey Features:

  • Lightweight 33lbs
  • Easy on & off switch
  • Weather proof motor
  • Rear door for easy oil corn and sugar access
  • Front door for easy dump
  • Ventilation side Pipe vents out steam
  • Cover top keeps old maids down


Hugely increased production, less old maids and a sky rocketing profit!

When using the Paddle Monkey, we immediately noticed a 20% increase in product. You can typically expect around 100-120 medium size bags out of a 50lb bag of raw corn. With the Paddle Monkey, we are now seeing around 120 – 145 medium bags! This self stirrer can pay for itself in just 20-50lb bags of raw corn! Now thats makin’ money!

20 extra Med Bags =  $5 x 20 = $100 x 20 = $2,000

“I will never use a wood paddle again!” -Greg Sweet

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