A-1 Sweet + Sifting and Cooling Table

Original price was: $6,225.00.Current price is: $4,825.00.

We have stock on all of our machines, but keep in mind that they go fast. So order today!

Package Includes:

  • 1 Complete A-1 Sweet Machine, 80 quart stainless steel bowl (Non Cracking)
  • Pilot Light and Wild Cheetah high output burner kit including a 10 foot hose. (No other 80qt pops as fast or as much!)
  • 1-Paddle 48inch Wood
  • 1-100% Food Grade Dump bin & Floor Tray
  • 1 Commercial Grade Sifting Table With over 1000 Holes
  • 2 Catch bins
  • 2-64 oz Popcorn Scoops
  • 1 Salt Shaker
  • 1-1/2 quart Aluminum Measuring Cup
  • 1-1 quart Aluminum Measuring Cup 

*All machines are made from aluminum. There is no diamond plating used.

Length:37.76” width:31.17” height:39.10”


What Else Will I Need?

  • I would highly recommend getting a starter kit. This includes one wooden paddle, 2 kettle corn receiving bins, 1 popcorn measuring cup, 1 sugar measuring cup, 1 saltshaker and 2 popcorn scoops.
  • From POLY BAG 253-473-4660 order some bags. Medium is our biggest seller. Large is the second biggest seller
  • Pick up a tent from Costco or Sam’s club You will spend about $199
  • Banners: make sure your banners are simple and bold I prefer yellow and red with a big Kettle Corn on it.
  • A couple tables. One for the front and one for the rear
  • 1 PropaneTank (5 gallon) will Produce 300 Med bags of kettle corn
  • Popcorn, oil and sugar. O yeah! Don’t forget the salt!
  • Contact Gold Medal for a local popcorn Dist
  • Get an Innoseal for your bags sealer WWW.INNOSEAL.COM/

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