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Whether you’re are a local farm looking to increase revenue through Kettle Corn sales or you’re are a local mom and pop that wants to show your local town your creative Kettle Corn ideas, the Kettle Corn Machine Company should be your first stop.

We are the original company producing American Made stainless steel Kettle Corn machines and other products.  Take some time to check out our product, feel free to chat in real-time with one of our specialists, and make sure to watch some of our videos.  We hope you become part of the family and see just how easy it is to get everything you need to start your Kettle Corn business.

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Why Choose Kettle Corn Machine Company


In the Last 20 years we have helped over 3756+ people get started in there very-own Kettle Corn and Lemon Shaker business all over the World! At times we ship more machines in one week than most companies ship in 6 -12 months! (Last year was full of exciting and challenging growing pains, thank you for your patience and understanding.) We are the leaders Period! Innovation and design is are passion and we have changed the way kettle corn is looked at all over the world!! Our Hand Made Machines just last year put a average of over $375,000 a month in families pockets all over the world! If you need to make extra $$$. We can help!! Turn your business into a Ministry with our GOOD NEWS BAGS.


At Kettle Corn Machine & Kettle Corn, we manufacture and sell the highest quality Kettle Corn Machine poppers, equipment, and accessories for your kettle corn and lemonade concession business. Our kettle corn poppers use the finest materials for the fastest popping. Our entire new line of aluminum Kettle Corn Machines & Equipment is designed for function and appearance. A professional, high performance, superior design allows you to leave that old black kettle corn popper behind, and give them a show to remember! Remember, our goal is to see you become successful! Over the years we have helped hundreds of kettle corn businesses get popping world wide!! Including Japan, Guam, Australia, Caribbean, Nova Scotia, Europe, Mexico, Russia and the USA. At Kettle Corn Machine we make sure the equipment you purchase can make a delicious batch of popcorn, make one of the best hand made Lemon Shakers, and thoroughly teach people how to become more successful in their vending business. We work hard to make sure our customers have the greatest competitive edge over any competitor. We are consistently trying to figure out better ways to make your small business a success. Be sure to give us a call, you wont be disappointed!

Family Owned

When you buy from Kettle Corn Machine & Kettle Corn, you are buying from a small business.  We strive to support local families in our community by providing jobs and support to ensure that their families are taken care of.  When our employees are happy, you can ensure that you are getting the highest quality product possible.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best.