Little Slugger with Paddle Chimp and Small Table


We have stock on all of our machines, but keep in mind that they go fast. So order today!

Package Includes:

  • Stainless Steel Bowl (Non Cracking)
  • Wild Cheetah* High Output Burner Kit
  • Pilot Light
  • 48 inch WoodPaddle
  • Dump Bin
  • Dimensions: Length:44.53” Width: 28.00” Height: 41.54 (with bowl & casters)
  • Small Table
  • Paddle Chimp

*All machines are made from aluminum. There is no diamond plating used.

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1 review for Little Slugger with Paddle Chimp and Small Table

  1. Andy Galligan

    It was like Christmas morning when my equipment arrived.
    Opening the crate was like getting my first bicycle. It was new and shiny. I wanted to use it right away. It is so fun and easy to use (just like in the videos). Thanks to everyone at Kettlecorn Machine for treating me like family. I would suggest this package for anyone that is considering getting started in the kettlecorn business!

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