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If you're looking to upgrade your Kettle Corn Machine to a high-performance popper, look no further. We've helped hundreds of people turn their kettle corn poppers into a high-performance popping machine with our burners and other accessories.


80at Stainless Steel Popping Bowl

STAINLESS STEEL 80 Quart Popping Bowl $525  

This is the number one popping bowl in the nation.  

High Pressure Honey Well Pilot Tip Great Add On Product $29.99

This high pressure Honeywell Part is a great add on for any windy situation The part # is a Q314a 6102  grainger # 1D287

It takes about 5 minutes to install
The Sifter Lazer cut

$1499.99 + S&H


This particular high pressure cast iron burner can handle a higher heat and with our  regulator with a higher PSI This burner gives off a blue high heat flame. The face of this cast iron burner measures 4 inches in diameter.

"Hi Greg: Well we did it. We went to two Farmer's Markets this last weekend. It went better than we expected..."
-Judy Odell
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