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A 1 Plus Model

Assemble A-1 Sweet #1

Assemble A-1 Sweet #2

Congratulations on the Purchase of the "Sweet Convertible Kettle Corn Machine"

We recomend removing the small ring on the bottom of the kettle

  1. Grind the 3 small welds
  2. Take a hammer Tap the ring and remove it

Removing the ring promotes faster cook times.

Tools Required for Assembly: 2-9/16 Wrenches and 2- ¾ Wrenches, Crescent Wrench and adjustable pair of pliers.

  1. Take 4-9/16 inch bolts, nuts and washers.
  2. Take Front Kick Plate and place bolt holes on upside
  3. Take Left side of Machine and place Bolt, nuts and washers, (2) for each side connecting each side to kick plate as shown in picture. (Note) do not tighten bolts until all sides are loosely assembled.
  4. Take 8-9/16 inch bolts, nuts and washers and connect back piece to the sides of the machine, starting from the top and then connecting bottoms bolts last. (Note) do not fully tighten bolts until sides have been fully assembled with bolts nuts and washers.
  5. Adding burner mount by attaching bolts to front kick plate.
  6. Add burner by placing bolt through burner mount and attaching to burner as shown in picture  Make sure copper jet at the end of 8 inch pipe is screwed into burner and air vent is wide open or removed (on burner)
  7. Spin on/off valve onto burner tube until snug. (Note) Do not over tighten.
  8. Add bowl paddle mounts by using 2 -3/4 inch Bolts, nuts and washers. When facing machine bowl dump handle is mounted on the left hand side of machine.
  9. Add bowl to paddle mounts with the bowl tab on the back side of the machine.
  10. You may choose to leave your machine assembled, permanently welded together or disassemble if needed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Installing the pilot valve system

As you can see in the pictures it's very easy. Simply remove the gas hose that's plugged in to your on-off valve.

  1. Remove the on-off valve up to the 90° angle type. This is done by turning it counterclockwise
  2. Install pilot valve assembly to the on-off valve. This is where the hose was connected
  3. Reinstall the gas hose to the end of the pilot valve assembly
  4. Install a copper pilot assembly copper rod to the end pressure fitting at the bottom of the needle valve. Make sure this is a tight and does not leak or pull out
  5. Then copper pilot assembly down under kettle corn machine and up to the burner. Please note the pictures.
  6. Make sure all fittings are tight

Testing the pilot valve

Turn on propane to about 10 psi. Make sure needle valve on pilot assembly is tight and is off this can be done by turning it clockwise lefty-lucy righty-tighty. Slightly open the needle valve and my pilot assembly turned burner on and you should be done

Cut That Ring Off

Clean That Kettle

Please Read

  1. Make sure you have a new propane tank, fire extinguisher, face mask and gloves
    New propane tanks or exchange units are safe, look professional and are undamaged. Most supermarkets have the exchange unit program.
  2. Connect the regulator to the propane tank, always using a wrench for a no leak connection and secure fit.
  3. Tighten the regulator all the way tight (turning clockwise) then back it off to12 psi   adjusts heating. As needed
  4. Connect the regulator to the back of the kettle corn machine.  This is a quick disconnect unit that pushes strait onto and fastens tightly.  Practice this 3-4 times for the feel of how it works.  After that connection is made turn your propane tank to the on position.  You should hear nothing, if everything is sealed properly.
  5. Always make sure the igniter has a clean surface to make a spark.  (We recommend using a wire brush for cleaning burner/sparker.)
  6. Always make sure propane hose and connections are clean and in proper working order before igniting machine.
  7. Before lighting the burner.  With the bowl tipped forward depress spark igniter, (without the gas on) on back of machine make sure igniter tip has bright spark.  If there is no spark move the igniter tip closer to the burner.
  8. Add 24 to 30oz. of corn oil to bowl.
  9. Crack open valve just slightly.  You will hear the propane hissing, depress the igniter and the burner will light, this may take quite a few clicks the first time, so keep clicking up to 5 seconds.  If the machine does not light, turn the gas off wait 30-45 seconds for gas to clear and try again.  If this does not work repeat step #7 making sure the gas is in all off positions.
  10. When you have the machine lit, open the valve up all the way, it should be loud.
  11. Add 3-4 popcorn kernels, we call these (the thermometers).
  12. When they pop add 6 cups of corn and begin to stir.  As soon as the popcorn turns lighter in color or right before it starts popping add your 2 cups sugar.
  13. Stirring everything together with consistency.  Remember to always be stirring, not fast just be consistent your corn will begin to pop.  When it reaches the flash point, (it sounds like a machine gun and the bowl fills fast with sweet hot kettle corn) continue to stir.  Your goal is to not burn and pop as much corn as possible.
  14. As you continue to stir, turn off valve on machine and continue to stir and dump.
  15. If you burn a couple of kernels, don’t worry we all do on occasion.
  16. You will develop your won style of stirring.  Remember practice makes perfect.
  17. When in doubt please call us
  18. After dumping shake bin to remove any excess kernels, salt to liking and serve.
  19. Make sure before starting new batch all popcorn and debris are emptied from kettle.  
  20. If you do not do this step a fire will start in your kettle.  In case of a fire in your kettle.  Turn off all gas and wait until fire ceases.  DO NOT DUMP HOT OIL OUT OF KETTLE EVER!!!   Utilize your paddle to remove burning kernels and popcorn.  You can sprinkle sugar on the remaining flame to extinguish fire.  Use your fire extinguisher when necessary.  Keep all popped corn out from underneath the kettle.  

Call with any questions: 253-255-1955

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Kettle Corn Machine Assembly

bolt on front kick plate

bolt on side

Bolt on Back

Bolt on Burner Mount

Install Burner

on off valve

Pilot valve add on

Pilot down under Kettle

Pilot near burner

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