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Kettle Corn Machine is the world leader in the innovation and production of Kettle Corn Machines and Lemon Shaker Vending Equipment

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Financing estimate of $74/month. Apply Here!

Ships w/in Continental US

Package Includes:

1 complete A-1 Sweet Machine, 80 quart stainless steel bowl (Non Cracking), Wild Cheetah high output burner kit including a 10 foot hose. (No other 80qt pops as fast or as much!)
1- Pilot Light
1- Paddle 48inch Wood
1- Dump Bin

Can’t decide on a machine A-1 Master or Mad Max ? We take trade-ins on all our machines. Start off small and grow!

All you need is a propane tank and all of the required product & you’re popping!

Dimensions: Length: 30″ / Width: 30″ / Height: 38"

A-1 Sweet + Sifting & Cooling Table


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$160 a Month Apply now 


Package Includes:

  • 1 Complete A-1 Sweet Machine, 80 quart stainless steel bowl (Non Cracking)
  • Pilot Light and Wild Cheetah high output burner kit including a 10 foot hose. (No other 80qt pops as fast or as much!)
  • 1-Paddle 48inch Wood
  • 1-100% Food Grade Dump bin & Floor Tray
  • 1 Commercial Grade Sifting Table With over 1000 Holes
  • 3 Catch bins
  • 2-64 oz Popcorn Scoops
  • 1 Salt Shaker
  • 1-1/2 quart Aluminum Measuring Cup
  • 1-1 quart Aluminum Measuring Cup 
*Can't decide on a machine  80 Master Series 300 qt? We take trade-ins on all our Machines. Start off small and grow!  video 
Get Me Started Kit

Get Me Started Kit 
with purchase of A-1 Sweet Machine


  • 1- Extra Wood Paddle (now you will have 2)
  • 1- Kettle Corn Dump Bin (you will now have 2)
  • 2- 64 oz Kettle Corn Scoops (These fit the kettle corn bags perfect)
  • 3- 22qt popcorn,oil and sugar bins w/ lids (looks much nicer than open bags that spill)
  • 1 - 2 cup Sugar measuring cup
  • 1- 4 cup popcorn measuring cup
  • 1 - Salt shaker
  • 1- 24 oz Ladle (for The Oil)
  • 2- Bib Aprons, Black


Large Propane Tanks Work Well.. $129 At Home Depot....We Use This kind....

What Else Will I Need?

  • I would highly recommend getting a starter kit. This includes one wooden paddle, 2 kettle corn receiving bins, 1 popcorn measuring cup, 1 sugar measuring cup, 1 saltshaker and 2 popcorn scoops.
  • From poly bag 253-473-4660 order some bags. Medium is our biggest seller. Large is the second biggest seller
  • Pick up a tent from Costco or Sam's club You will spend about $199
  • Banners: make sure your banners are simple and bold I prefer yellow and red with a big Kettle Corn on it.
  • A couple tables. One for the front and one for the rear
  • 1 PropaneTank (5 gallon) will Produce 300 Med bags of kettle corn
  • Popcorn, oil and sugar. O yeah! Don't forget the salt!
  • Contact Gold Medal for a local popcorn Dist 
  • Get an Innoseal for your bags sealer www.innoseal.com/

All you need is propane,corn,sugar,oil, salt and your popping! 

You're not just buying a Kettle Corn popper, you're starting a business! At Kettle Corn Machine We offer unlimited support with 12 years of popping experience! Our Poppers help put $300,000+ A week back into Families pockets world wide & WE want your family to be one of them.  Call us at 1-877-706-CORN (2676) 

Features and Benefits: 
Don't buy powder coated steel. It looks great until it peels and flakes off.  Powder coating was never designed to get so hot. As soon as water gets underneath the coating, it will rust with all the salt, sugar, heat, oil and water, save yourself the headache. We found this out because all of our old machines were powder coated steel and all of them have had to be replaced.

This is the Greenest Machine on the Market.  No paint! No Powder coating!    

Rusted Out Video Must See!

Why Aluminum Video 

  • You Can Start Popping Great Kettle Corn your first time out! (watch first time popping video)
  • Health Department Approved.
  • This Machine is fun and easy to use (Ladies Approve)
  • Fastest Popper in the West!! 4 cups in 60 seconds and up to 8 cups monster batch Video (with the Wild Cheetah burner kit) 440,000 BTU's
  • One of our customers has Over 12 Of these units. Entrepreneur preferred!
  • Easy dump 80 Quart heavy duty food grade stainless steel kettle with handle. We have used the same kettle for years. One of our customers has popped over 160,000 medium-sized bags and his machine is still going  strong. Stainless Steel does not crack, peel or flake.
  • Easy tear down - Video
  • Pops up to 10 cups of corn producing 8-10 medium size bags faster than any other 80qt popper. Video
  • Kettle Corn bin & Floor Tray are 100% food grade and large enough to hold a Monster Batch. The Floor tray keeps the bin off the ground. This system is approved by all health departments.  (we tried using an aluminum drilled out salad bowl. It was too small, very messy and would not contain the kettle corn and un-popped popcorn. The popcorn was everywhere!)
  • Completely portable, takes apart in minutes. This machine will fit in the minivans, motor homes, SUVs, ATVs, and Mini Coopers.You never know when you might just need to break it down.
  • 34H X 31W X 34D with easy maneuverability 
  • At 95 lbs its the lightest kettle corn popper on the market
  • Attractive diamond plate wind guards provide safety, even cooking and professional looks (welded on & won't fall off)
  • All Aluminum Frame Never Chips. Never rusts. (powder coated steel always chips and rusts and is very heavy) RED LOOKS Great until it rusts
  • Stirring Paddle and lighter holder  
  • Our machine is self adjusting  (no need for adjusters that strip out bend and break)
  •  Easy to light Pilot light System for easy restart  Light it one time (now included)
  • High Output Burner and Regulator W/Pressure Gauge up to 440,000 btu (Wild Cheetah Kit) Easy To reach on off valve.
  • New 10 foot propane hose  

Your cost per bag is .50-.75 cents

This new Kettle Corn Machine is lighter, faster, and more portable.  It breaks down and will fit into any car (even a Mini Cooper) Just pull off the bowl, loosen a few bolts and SHIZAM! A completely portable machine. Don't be fooled by its size. Our machines made over $22,000 in 2 days (at an Air Show). This powerful machine will out perform all other 80 quart poppers and160 quart poppers, hands down.    


Two year warranty on defective parts. Each machine is built for you so please allow a short lead time. No Refunds. Most of the time in stock

"Hi Greg: Well we did it. We went to two Farmer's Markets this last weekend. It went better than we expected..."
-Judy Odell
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