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Sweet's Deets

Greg W Sweet Video Popping

Popping Kettle Corn with Greg W Sweet ,Kettle Corn Man, This video helps in your popping success

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Thanks for checking out our blog.  We'll be having an ongoing conversation about all things Kettle Corn here.  From starting your own cash business to finding great locations, to new ways to promote your events and put cash in your pocket.   We'll be sharing our own experiences as poppers and vendors as well.  

We're passionate about helping others succeed and passionate about making the best equipment available for them. 

Thanks for popping by!

Kettle Corn Cabana Testimonial

Hi Greg & Darci!

We bought our Kettle from you in the spring of 2002.... It was just my friend and I - two mom's, wanting to have a business we could start for our families!  Oh Yeah, we both worked full time, married, kids.... all that... but we wanted to build something we could teach our kids about being in business for yourself!  We live in America, after all, that's what this Country is built on - Small Business!  Well, we soon learned, it wasn't small business at all!  At first, we took every event we could get our hands on!  From that, we got many referrals, people actually handed US their business cards and wanted us to be apart of THEIR events!  We are going into our 8th year.... Same Faithful Kettle, a total Work Horse! We now pop for 3 county rodeos (3 day events each), the concerts for our local radio station, a corportate picnic/catering company, the list continues!

 Thank You for putting your heart & soul into OUR Business!  There has never been a time that we've called you for help, that we haven't ALWAYS heard a friendly "Hello!" at the other end of our phone!  Thank You for all that you do, it goes way beyond making GREAT kettle corn machines!

We Love You, and God Bless!!

Jacki, San Diego
Kettle Korn Cabana

"Hi Greg: Well we did it. We went to two Farmer's Markets this last weekend. It went better than we expected..."
-Judy Odell
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